About GIMA

G.I.M.A is a manufacturer of gelato ingredients transforming raw materials such as nuts, fruits, & cocoa  into paste form for then to supply to Artisan gelato makers, industrial gelato & icecream manufacturers , pastry chefs, and chefs, for then to transform it into the there final product such as gelato, icecream, biscuit flavouring, food garnishes, toppings, spreads, etc.

As Australia’s first and only commercial producer of gelato and sorbet manufacturing products we are in a unique position to supply your business.

Our gelato and sorbet ingredients are 100% Australian made, ranging from nut pastes, fruit pastes, flavoured pastes and bases. We only use the best quality, freshest available, local ingredients which guarantees a gelato that stands out from its rivals in terms of presentation, longevity, and most importantly taste. Our Australian made products are not only superior quality but are far more cost effective than competitive imported products.

We support the local community by buying from local growers, farmers and more importantly creating employment for the local residents.

The Advantages of purchasing Gelato Ingredients from G.I.M.A.

All our Gelato Ingredients are made fresh daily and delivered this eliminates the hassles of dealing with imported products where they incur shipment delays, high freight costs & taxes, extensive transporting time and upfront overseas payments. 

Our fruit selection in Australia are with no doubt up their with the best in the world and regarded internationally as the purest and tastiest, so with these fruits we can offer you a vast range of gelato fruit pastes that varies from tropical, citrus, to stone fruits. 

Our Nut paste selection ranges from Macadamia from Byron Bay, to Pistachio from South Australia, we only choose the best in the crop and with our slow roasting process and high tech nut processor we guarantee your nut flavoured gelato will taste like your eating them straight from the packet. 

We can provide in house training showing the A to Z of operating a gelato business from manufacturing the gelato to serving customers.

Our factory has rooms for its individual purpose for eg their is a fruit and chocolate cooking room, nut roasting and crushing room, base preparation room, packing and store room, research and development room.


Gelato Ingredients Manufacturers of Australia

Southern Gateway Centre - Princes Highway - BULLI TOPS 2516 NSW
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